Japanese Virgin's Rough First Time

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Descrição da editora

Miko is an 18 year old Japanese girl entering the seedy world of prostitution to pay her father’s debts.

Johnny and Vince are two fit and sexy young soldiers stationed in Japan after a combat tour in Afghanistan that’s left them with a big pile of combat pay begging to be spent.

After a disappointing time with two washed up bored prostitutes Johnny and Vince are about ready to abandon their whoring ways. But when Miko’s new employer offers them a chance at a young virgin it’s an offer they can’t refuse. Can virgin Miko survive her first time being pounded by two rough and ready US soldiers experiencing their first Asian doll?

This hot 6,000 word story contains rough sex between two fit and muscular young soldiers and a tiny Japanese teenage whore, told from the perspective of both sides.

Warning! This story includes scenes of a Japanese eighteen year old teenager losing her virginity in a rough sex situation, oral sex, two men (an african-american solder and a white soldier) and one girl, and a delicious creampie.


Miko sat in the chair waiting. She breathed slowly and calmly. She had no choice. She'd agreed to come here, to work. When she'd answered the ad she thought she'd be sent to Tokyo, to work with Japanese businessmen. But no, she was to stay on Okinawa, the island of her birth. She'd been promised up to three hundred dollars a day if she worked hard, and even more on the weekends. She'd also been offered a five hundred dollar starting bonus, for being a virgin.

That afternoon when she'd been delivered the mamasan had unceremoniously stripped her of her clothing as the deliveryman looked on impassively. The mamsan had made her sit on the dirty table of one of the booths, legs spread open as greasy fingers and a peering face checked for virginity. Tears had rolled silently down her face as she was rudely violated. Upon being confirmed a virgin the deliveryman had been paid while Miko had sat, naked, with her legs awkwardly crossed and her arms folded over her pert breasts.

Ficção e literatura
18 de janeiro
Remember Nikki Pink
Draft2Digital, LLC

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