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An EARLY-OPEN CHRISTMAS GIFT – This imaginative new book will help the entire family get into the Christmas spirit! 

You won't believe it, but the "KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS" movement has an inspiring new vehicle. It's Santa's Sleigh!

That's right! Husband and wife team Julia and James Dillon have delivered an instant Christmas classic that offers an imaginative new way to explore the First Noel. It's called: JESUS UNDER THE TREE! A Magical "Keep Christ in Christmas" ADVENTure! A FREE ONLINE MOVIE PREMIERE version is included with your purchase!

The story begins on Christmas Eve, when Santa, and Izzy, the pocket mouse, discover YOU-KNOW-WHO under the tree! 

Izzy narrates and explains she has since become a Carpenter's Apprentice. She's small, cute, cuddly, and oh so curious! She and her very magical friends literally "take off" in Santa's sleigh, with Jesus holding the reigns and Santa in the back seat. Yes, that symbolism IS intentional! They all travel back in time and learn from Jesus Himself the first chapter of The Greatest Story Ever Told! 

But the fun doesn't stop there! Next, Izzy and friends land in old Jerusalem, and hear from Jesus exactly how to follow in His footsteps! These life-lessons, taken straight from scripture, convey universal messages of love, faith, hope, and charity! 

Written as a children's book that will delight young and old alike, it's a rhyme for all time! The story has all the lyrical appeal of "T'was the Night Before Christmas" and the spiritual depth of a Bible-based, devotional. There's even a glossary that delves deeply into the Bible verses and helps readers of all ages get the most from each passage.

"It's a wonderful Children's Book that adults will also cherish!"

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"It's dazzling! Beautiful!"

"Absolutely captivating!"

JESUS UNDER THE TREE! An inspirational book and an online movie for all ages, 3 and up! Keep Christ in Christmas and celebrate Noel with Jesus. After all, Christmas is His Birthday; it's named after Him!

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Enlightened Little Souls, Inc.
Enlightened Little Souls, Inc.