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This science fiction ebook, made by British author, Orion Diaram is the first ebook of a series where, in 1942, Iain Caine, an ordinary Egyptologist, is introduced by his two colleagues to an undiscovered area beneath the Pyramid of Khafre.
After a confrontation with a group of robbers who'd followed them there, a team of British military soldiers investigating the noise soon arrive.
Knowing things are about to get out of hand, his colleague Ak-nahiah attempts to save his life by doing the only thing she can.

Iain's life is dramatically changed after finding himself alone, in a desert he's not familiar with.
He has to act fast to gather his bearings before dying from either sheer heat exhaustion or starvation.
His fumbling around eventually leads him deep into a forest, where he again has to learn to survive on his own.
As time passes, he's confronted by a native people, who agree to help him learn their ways.
Through his lessons of hunting for food and experiencing first hand their brutal struggle for survival, the plot to what happened to these people 4,000 of their years ago begins to unfold.
Nature found a way.

Orion Diaram makes you experience the story as it unfolds, putting you in to Iain's shoes. There are no holds barred in this adventure when it comes to the graphic detail involved with the brutality he experiences along the way.

So sit down, read his epic story and ask yourself one question. What would you do have done?

Compliments to the Author
"Just finished reading Kamaria. It wasn't what I expected but wow what a read!!"

"I can promise you that you will never have read a book like this."

" I could feel the emotion and the fear the people were feeling."

"I didn't want to put this book down!. It's as tho Orion was actually there and writing in the first person."

"It's well written,well thought out, engaging  and  would totally recommend it to my friends and family."

From the eyes of the Author
Writing this book has been an awsome experience and the reviews I've had so far have been amazing!
All going well, the second ebook will be released soon. I tell ya, this story is just the beginning. There's 2 more to go.
Thank you everyone for the support you've given me.

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4 agosto
Orion Diaram
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