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When the Kamerrean people's very existence is threatened, they must search for another land to sustain them, keep them safe from harm, a new home hidden among the ancient Celts.

The few that survive the journey slowly fall victim to an unknown disease, one so strong even their own magical powers cannot cure.

After all they have been through, Eldeen the oldest and leader of his people who has already lost his wife and daughter, vows to try all that is possible to save those who remain. Alliances tainted with demonic evil drives his quest for a cure. The cure it seems lives within the one known as Jol.

At 16 Julianne Serason's young life marred by tragedy is turned upside down when her father takes her to New Zealand to live. Nine months later with exams over, she begins to act like a normal teenager, fun and laughter fill the void in her life in the form of her best friend Kate.

One year on from the tragedy which changed her life, she finds herself once again going to a party with the dread of last years events hanging like a delicate thread in her mind. Her beloved cat goes missing just before the girls head out setting the trend for the evening ahead.

The party is in full swing as Julianne hears the call from the darkness, her fear grows with the emotional tingle of power she has yet to understand and conquer.

Evil stalks the party, hunting the one who does not belong. Can Julianne affectionately known as Jol survive the night?

Kate discovers her friends secret and races against time and the forces of darkness to save her. Will Jez be her only hope?

7 Novembro
Karen Binnie
Smashwords, Inc.