Law of Correspondence

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There already exists an unknown Law of Creation that may be used to materialize human wants. In the metaphysical world, this universal concept is known as the Law of Correspondence. The Law of Correspondence is one of the ancient Hermetic Principles revealed to humanity by Hermes Trismegistus, also tagged as Thoth in Egypt. Hermes is said to be a god's messenger who bestows art, education, and wisdom.

The Law of Correspondence essentially discloses the prime secret. If one launches a spontaneous impulse in any concurrently vibratory planes, he instantly ignites comparable phenomena in all the other planes. These are; As before, so now! As it is on the inside, so it is on the outside! These phrases are crucial because they educate people on how to manifest the preferred world consistently. One should implant a creative impulse (such as a concentrated, energized thought) within any of the subtle planes (for example, the mental plane), and a corresponding result will be triggered in the physical reality. The holographic model of the cosmos, which is being advocated by several quantum scientists these days, may provide a solution for this enormous law. According to this extreme view of reality, every part of the universe holds the core of the divine creation. One has probably seen a laser beam display reflected on a microscopic broken-off piece of a holographic plate to reproduce the original embedded image. It is applicable in a scientific experiment concerning the nature of holograms. The Law of Correspondence encompasses the same principle: information found in one part of a larger whole is present in all other segments. One should keep in mind that every creation is inherently ONE when intentionally going for the chosen world. It's a singularity or endless continuum wherein even the slightest movement in any part immediately impacts the entire endless chain.

People are currently living in an interactive reality in which human actions impact other parts of the universe. As a result, people must use the Law of Correspondence meticulously and ethically. When composing a statement or affirmation to encapsulate human aspirations, one needs first to frame the objectives in a larger perspective. It is because whatever serves one on a personal level also improves the universe as a whole. One may consider a win-win situation that benefits all layers of reality. It enables people to achieve pre-defined targets with minimum effort. For example, if one has a longing for peace in life, he must also ensure peace throughout the globe. If one wants affluence for self and family, he must also visualize the abolition of poverty and malnutrition. The universe is simply a feedback loop in which multiple vibratory levels gel together to generate the real scenario that is commonly observed. Motivational use of the Law of Correspondence is the technique to integrate one's intentions into the self-generating energy loop or process. Therefore, one should make a conscious effort to be aware of every thought, behavior, and feeling and then place the objectives in the larger context. People will be using the Law of Correspondence to implant the preferred reality within this self-generating hologram.

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