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No one can see into your heart but you may ask for your guardian Angel to guide you. And I always say please when you talk to your Angels ask them for Guidance and remember to please and thank you, I do believe our Angels have feelings too and great humoristic personalities. So a laugh now and again will also let them feel free to guide you as much as you need them. The only problem is if we don't ask for help no one will help us yea our guardian Angels are with us but not allowed to help unless you ask the. Think about this...What will happen if all the Angels in the universe will start helping us without us asking any help....Yes The world might just then be a better place but who would want only laughter. I do think our Angels will make a little mess if they start helping us if we did not ask their help. O yes I think that will be funny.

Good luck and remember we cannot force people to love us. If they don't love you let them go because then there is someone else in line with your personality. It might also be that your lover needs some time alone if he/she comes back to you after no communication then its mend to be like that. My mother always said "let the bird fly away if he comes back it was your bird." If a lover does not contact you at all the next person or soul mate will want to spend time with you pray and ask your Angels to help find you a partner.

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6 Julho
Jacoba Groenewald
Draft2Digital, LLC

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