Mindfulness: A Four Week Guide to Inner Peace In a World Gone Mad

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Mindfulness - A Four Week Guide to Inner Peace in a World Gone Mad

Modern science has confirmed an ancient truth – the secret to happiness lies nowhere else but in the mind. This practical guide will show you how to invite joyful moments of wonder back into your life, amidst all the troubles of everyday life. Mindfulness is a hot topic among mental health professionals these days.

The word is appearing everywhere. But what is it really, and how does it work? This book uncovers the truth behind the powerful concept that's taking the world by storm.

Delve into the mysteries of consciousness, discover your inner "watcher" and learn about the scientifically verified benefits of mindfulness. Learn how to manage stress and pain, and transform your life with a simple, effective four week program. Take charge of your inner world and experience inner peace and joy – your natural birthright.

This book is a must read for anyone curious about the art and science of the mind.

You'll Learn...
*Learn how inner peace can be achieved in a mad world*Find out what secret scientists have discovered about the mind*Discover how your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.*Learn about the authentic Buddhist roots of mindfulness*Learn how to use this simple psychological tool*Verify everything for yourself with a powerful self-examination technique*Learn to create a "gap" between stimulus and automatic response*Discover what experts in psychology and neuroscience have found*Kundalini and Transcendental Meditation*Benefit from a practical four-week program of mindfulness*Learn the difference between intellectual awareness and true awareness*Discover how mindful breathing can transform your mind*Learn how to become grounded in the present*Discover how to give your mind a much-needed holiday!*Discover how to give your mind a much-needed holiday!*Rediscover the wonder and awe that's always present.* Much, much more!
Take the first steps to becoming the master of your own reality today by downloading this book: "Mindfulness - A Four Week Guide to Inner Peace in a World Gone Mad ".

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