My Mother, the Spy -Part 3 of the series

My Mother, the Spy

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Nico, one of Jorge's brothers, overhears a stranger in the village asking about two English women that might be living there, But as nobody nobody but close family knows that Jorge's wife Sofia and her mother, Roulla, originally came from England, they cant tell him anything.
But as everyone in the family is presently acting very cautiously due to Roulla's premonition of danger and Jorge's warnings to be cautious around strangers, especially those that come to the island on the new ferry service, Nico decides to head the man off to another island, where he says he thinks some English people are living.
He then reports this to Sofia and mentions too that the man wore unusual spectacles that came apart at the bridge of the nose. This information rings a bell in Sofia's head, as she remembers someone in the past wearing such a pair of glasses, but can't for the life of her recall who it was.
Later, she mentions this to her mother, who tells her that Harry, the head of MI6, always wore such a pair of glasses. The women then ask Nico to describe Harry, and Roulla says that the man is definitely Harry. She also says she suspects he has come there after all this time to warn them of some danger.
When they tell Jorge about this he is suspicious and says that he will arrange a meeting with Harry, but that he first wants Roulla to positively identify the man, before he will allow her to speak to him.
The woman wait in the background until they see Jorge approaching with Harry and everyone can see by the expression on Roulla's face that the man is her old friend from MI6. She is all smiles and the two of them embrace for a long moment.
Harry tells them that men from the same Russian mob that initially tried to attacked Roulla at her house in Ireland, were seen back at the house recently. He says they were also sniffing around at a dis-used safe house in London and he and his agents followed the men to the island and that they now have three of them in custody, He is just explaining that another member of the group is still at large, when a shot rings out and everyone ducks for cover.
Nobody is hurt and the young culprit is soon apprehended.. Harry questions the boy and discovers that the men were looking for the babushka that killed his grandfather during the Cold War, but that someone in England told them that both of the women had died. Harry then asks why they are presently on the small Greek island and he says that they only came there to buy olives and goat's milk cheese before they caught a flight from the mainland back to Russia.
Of course Roulla and Sofia are still very much alive, but everyone is thankful for the deception someone created, as this means the threat to their lives is now over.
Harry goes back to their house with the family, where he meets Kiki and Nitsa, Roulla's granddaughters. The children are intrigued by Harry and ask him if he is their grandmother's boyfriend, and neither Roulla or Harry denies this.
The next morning Roulla and Harry are seen heading down towards the olive grove and the children are sent off to visit a friend. Meanwhile Jorge asks Sofia if she thinks her mother and Harry are canoodling in the olive grove and they have a good laugh over this. Then Jorge and Sofia head towards the beach, where they intend to swim out to the rock far out in the ocean and do a little canoodling of their own.

Part 4 in the series will be published in Jan/Feb 2015: But will Harry eventually return to the island to live happily ever after alongside Roulla? Or will a threat from his past as an agent follow him to the island and spoil the perfect ending?

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Joy Bassetti-Kruger
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