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This edition showcases the effects and consequences of human depravity, frailty and criminal activity. The showcased and photographed remaining structures generally appear nondescript and ordinary, masking their significance and infamy.

Throughout the western United States, these commonplace buildings silently testify to events involving violence and individuals whose acts have scarred others, society and sometimes simply themselves. Their stories remain compelling evidence towards the fragility of the human experience and lives severed abruptly. Once you’ve absorbed the history behind each building, you will never view them with indifference again. Paranormal activity within their confines is commonly reported.


Famous/Obscure Murder Cases and Suicides

Franck Akin, Ashley Benson, Nancy Bergeson, Bowden Bombed Residence, Jerry Brudos, Dark Stranger Serial Killer, Pioneer Murder, Veronica Dolan, Oregon Prison Director Michael Francke, Michele Dee Gate’s Legacy, Diane Hank, Brittany Maynard’s Assisted Suicide, Lloyolla Miller, Tim Moreau, Roma Ollison and The Zone Nightclub shooting.

Bizarre Buildings

Crime Boss Jim Elkins Hangout, Erickson’s Saloon, Golden West Hotel, Kell’s Irish Pub, Kelly’s Olympian Bar, White Eagle Saloon, Merchants Hotel, The Open Door Buildings and Oregon State Hospital.


Famous/Obscure Murder Cases and Suicides

Ted Bundy, Green River Killer, Jake Bird and his Fatal Hex, Brides of Christ Founder, Café Racer, Ann Marie Burr, Fairhaven Werewolf Murder, Maurice Clemmons, Singer Kurt Cobain, James Elledge, John Fiori, Charles Goldmark Family, Teresa Butz, Capital Hill Massacre, Little Willie John, Judge Gary Little, Lee Boyd Malvo, John Considine, Edwin Pratt, Rafay Family, Red Barn Tavern, Seattle Pacific University, Layne Staley, Wah Nee Gambling Club, Justice Tom Wales, Radio Activist Mike Webb, Timothy Alioth and Donna Plew, Louis Bellessa, Turid Bentley, Doug Carlile, Lil Danger, Fred Cohen, Dan Lane, Zachary Craven, Sexual Offender Vigilantes, Michael Feeney, Billy Gohl, Patrick Kevin Gibson, Edward Weed, Lynn Heimsoth, Barbara Hickey, Seattle Jewish Federation rampage, Peter Keller, Geneva MacDonald, Donna Perry, Jimmy Smith, Trang Dail Massacre, Wilson Family and Otto Zehm.

Bizarre Buildings

Alfred’s Café, Lou Graham Block, People’s Theatre and G. O. Guy’s Drugstore, Davenport Hotel, Kirkland’s Life Care Center, Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church, Old Town Café, Patsy Clark Mansion, Starvation Heights, Sycamore Square Building and Waterfront Tavern


Bizarre Buildings

Fatty Carroll’s Variety, Wilson Pharmacy, Bates Motel and Oasis Bordello Museum


Famous/Obscure Murder Cases and Suicides

Phil Nebeker, Lauren DeWise, Actor Patrick Duffy’s Parents, Tom Sing, John and Florence Sprouse, Marjorie and Nancy McQuiston, Julianne Stallman, Paul Maclean, Sheila Jordan, Missoula Mauler, Verna Joy Kvale, Jackson Wiles and Marilyn Picket, Beverly and Greg Giannonatti and Tina Schowengerdt.

Bizarre Buildings

Butte Sheriff’s Office, Dumas Brothel, Butte’s Fire Station #1, Copper King’s Mansion, M & M Cigar Store, Montana Territorial and State Prison, Hair Gallery, Governor’s Mansion, Lillie McGraw’s Bluestone House, Mollie Byrnes residence, Montana Club’s swastika entrance, Grandstreet Theatre, Helena Cathedral, Helena Stone House and Lime Kilns, St. Louis Block, Mercantile Building, Oxford Café, Gleim Building, House of Screams, Florence Building, The Keep Restaurant, University of Montana’s Main and Brantly Halls, Missoula’s Mountain Valley Inn, Jackson Creek Saloon and Casino, Racetrack Morrisite Church and Montana State Hospital

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15 de julho
Marquis Publishing
Marques Vickers

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