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Patent Ease! The New Extraordinary Book that everyone is talking about, has made it possible to finally patent that idea of yours for free! It's the "How to Write Your Own Patent" book for beginners! Because, lets face it... you're a beginner, not a dummy!
Finally! Now writing a patent yourself could not be easier, thanks to a new book by the previously published author Wayne Hoss. Wayne has many years of Patent Application experience, and his new book literally makes writing your own patent a breeze!
This book teaches you how to write your own Patent Application Step-by-Step and includes a handy "Walk through Chart", blank forms, and actual patent application examples with easy to understand detailed explanations, all of Wayne's secret hints, tips, and tricks, as well as an added bonus chapter dedicated to doing your own patent search for free, rather than paying hundreds of dollars to have it done for you by a patent attorney.
Here is what a local man had to say after first reading the book:
"I just loved the little bits of humor that you added throughout the whole book, it really helped me to loosen up and enjoy the patent process. You made it so easy to understand that I believe even a child could write their own patent with the help of your book!" Bob Lasqueda in Bakersfield, California. Thanks.
Have you ever had an idea for a great invention and given up on that idea after finding out how expensive it is to have a Patent Attorney or some other company write the patent for you?
It's not surprising that most people, no matter how good that they think their idea is, give up on their hopes and dreams due to the overwhelming expense of hiring a patent attorney. Patents can cost thousands of dollars, but what if you could save thousands of dollars by writing your own patent application and it were made so easy that even a child could do it - would you do it?
Now you can file your own patent application like I did and have a "Patent Pending" status, which allows you to begin working on your invention right away, and its written by you, for free!
All that you will need to write your own patent application is this New Extraordinary Book Patent Ease!
This book is the answer to your dreams if you have an idea for an invention but can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to have someone else write the patent for you.
I wrote my first Patent Application back in 2002. When I decided to write my own patent many years ago, I read several books on the subject (thousands of pages) and studied for many months.
Upon finishing my very first patent, I had it checked by a legally certified patent attorney, whom upon checking it said these magnificent words to me:
"I can't believe that you wrote this patent on your own. I could not have done a better job had I written it for you myself!"
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if you are reading this right now, you are literate enough to write your own patent with the help of my New Extraordinary book Patent Ease!
With the help of my new book Patent Ease you do not need those patent companies; you do not even need an expensive Patent Attorney. I had no money to pay the expensive Patent Attorneys with. So after months of studying books and reading thousands of pages about writing my own Patent Application, I successfully did just that.
Writing my own Patent was free because I did it myself, as well as doing the usually expensive Patent Search by myself, which with the two combined methods you will learn from my book, saved me not just headaches, but also saved me thousands of dollars between the two!
Patent Ease! comes with a handy "Walk through Chart" for you to read as I walk you step by step through the entire process to the very end.
Unlike a lot of actual patents that contain words that an average person does not understand, I broke it all down into a much simpler and easier to understand format.

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