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Porn's Stars Book II

by Chris Burrows

Porn unexpectedly turns up in Hong Kong, and is coy about the real reason for her visit. With time to kill for a day or so, she catches up with Chris and they sit and recount and regale each other with seven brand new stories about people they've known down the years; people of a certain persuasion, people who don't quite fit into any particular sexual 'compartment'-Ladyboys, Ladygirls, cross dressers, transvestites, bi-men, bi-girls and so on-just some of the eclectic inhabitants of 'Transgenderland'-Porn's 'Stars' as she so aptly calls them. Plus, of course, there are some of those people who fall into the category of Admirers-people who often shower TG people with gifts in anticipation of being able to get 'close' to them, to be their lovers, their suitors, maybe even their long term companions, whatever goes! Porn and Chris between them certainly have enough stories to fill several books and this set of stories all come with a ring of truth and reality, not to mention containing more than few surprises. Needless to say, Chris again finds himself amazed, maybe at times perplexed, at the depth of Porn's knowledge about her 'Stars', their 'sexploits' and 'sexperiences' but, there again, given Porn's own adventurous history with TG matters, maybe this should have been expected. Seven brand new stories all faithfully related by Porn andChris, brought together in one new book: 'Porn's Stars II'-the fifth books in the best selling series of stories from Transgenderland by Chris Burrows. Oh, does Chris find out the real reason Porn is in Hong Kong this time? Well, you'll have to read to the end and find out... 

About Author:

Although Chris Burrows was born in England, his family emigrated to the US shortly after his second birthday and it was only when he had just entered his early teens that he returned to the country of his birth. During his teens, various trips to Scandinavia, Europe (Holland, Germany and Italy) and, once, to the 'mysterious' Far East (as it was when Chris was young), definitely whetted his appetite for travel. Shortly after graduation, Chris was able to secure a job in banking which took him, firstly, to London for a year and then on to Hong Kong. Twenty or so years ago, Hong Kong was an 'eye-opener' for a young graduate and, initially,Chris struggled to balance the hard working, dynamic, 'no-holds barred' environment of Hong Kong's business world with the burgeoning, eclectic, erotic lifestyle of the night-on the face of it, certainly to a young graduate, far racier compared with some of the tamer things he'd seen in London and elsewhere on his travels. Chris was always particularly fascinated by the lesser known aspects of Hong Kong's nightlife - he went exploring some of the 'underground' cabaret type clubs and bars, seeing drag queens and transgender persons and also the less salubrious bars and clubs frequented by many of the young, female Filipinas and Indonesian expats, usually working as domestic helpers. The American military, with their extensive R&R leave in Hong Kong were beginning to be a thing of the past and bars and clubs were evolving to compensate for the reduction in service personnel visiting the British Colony (as it was then). Around this time, in view of his enduring love of writing, Chris developed a keen interest in documenting what he was seeing and penned a few articles and short stories--mainly relating to ladies of the night and other creatures who inhabit the twilight world that many suburban people never know about or, when they do, understand. Chris had also maintained his penchant for travel and, over his early years in Hong Kong, had taken trips to, amongst other places, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur plus, of course, Bangkok.

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