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Real Men Eat Meat is an anecdotal cookbook. It's based on 35 years of travel across North America, Europe and Asia while I served as a conceptor and writer of new product concepts and menu concepts for an assortment of food companies. Suffice it to say I ate quite a bit, but most importantly needed to analyze and understand the key components that defined the meals and the menus. I accomplished this task in the company of a large and curious group of men from Master Chefs to food scientists. Regardless of their pedigree we all shared a passion for big meat cooked over big fires. This has led me to cook with great frequency amidst the company of men, women and children in ways that range from the primitive to the refined. The result is a collection of stories, recollections and insights on how to not only prepare meaty, meals but also how to truly enjoy them.
The anecdotes are true and the recipes have been tried, tested and tasted over and over again. It includes some curious cooking methods and classic guy cravings including chili, steaks, stews, pulled pork, clam chowder, fried turkeys, fish boils and other afflictions that men understand or indulge at least on a primitive level. It does pay homage to salads that are good partners to meat courses and some indulgent breakfast concepts and a few desserts. It also presents stories and recipes with a unique connection to my childhood and teen years. In that regard it's a bit of a blue-collar culinary journey with some side trips to epicurean experiments.
The primary target for the book is men. Men from 16 to 96 who respond instinctively to the aroma of meat searing over coals, the sizzle and sound of bacon
frying in the pan, and the silence that often accompanies a large group of guys eating
meat with myopic abandon.

Culinária, comida e vinho
23 Outubro
Steve Nubie
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