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A Creative Guide to Soloing On Rhythm Changes for Jazz Guitar

Rhythm Changes for Jazz Guitar is your guide to soloing artfully over the most iconic chord sequence in jazz.

Do you want to get inside the most important jazz guitar chord sequence?

Do you want to apply arpeggios, scales and substitutions with ease?

Do you want to master the one chord sequences that unlocks the secrets of hundreds of jazz guitar tunes?

Are you looking for a creative jazz guitar method that teaches a wealth of soloing options and instantly usable licks?

Improvising over Rhythm Changes was a staple of Charlie Parker’s practice regime, and hundreds of jazz tunes have been written using its chords. It is a must-know chord progression for every jazz guitarist, and Rhythm Changes for Jazz Guitar teaches you how to solo on the changes with ease.

Here’s what you get:

An in-depth breakdown of the chord changes, section by section

A step-by-step guide to how the chords can be altered and extended

A progressive guide to the common (and more challenging) chord substitutions that can be used to spice up the basic changes

Hundreds of well-conceived, melodic jazz licks that work beautifully over the changes

Creative ideas and concepts to grow your jazz vocabulary

An introduction to soloing with substituted scales and arpeggios

Three full length solos to learn and master

Bonus: Studio quality audio tracks of each example, plus backing tracks to download for free

Bonus: Video content to break down the process of learning jazz guitar with plenty of extra licks

Rhythm Changes contains many essential chord sequences that appear in almost every jazz standard. Nail this sequence and you will be prepared for every jazz guitar soloing situation.

Master jazz guitar soloing on these essential chord sequences

Major ii V I progression

I vi ii V progression

iii vi ii V I progression

The Cycle of Fourths

Static dominant chords

Expand your jazz guitar soloing vocabulary

You will master jazz guitar lines in the style of the greats, such as Joe Pass, Jim Hall, and Wes Montgomery, and saxophonists Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins. There are also modern concepts in the style of Adam Rogers, Kurt Rosenwinkel and others.

Immediate improvements, and a jazz guitar guide for life

Rhythm Changes for Jazz Guitar teaches you the most important skills when it comes to jazz guitar soloing, and you will improve quickly. However, you’ll find yourself dipping into the teaching here for years to come.

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