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Teek gives Walter Prudy the surprise of his life. He speaks to him—surprising because Walter is a human and Teek is a ground squirrel. As the now aging Walter revisits the canyon of his boyhood days, he slips off the trail, rolls down a steep slope and into Teek’s world. Regaining consciousness, Walter notices a ground squirrel perched on a rock, peering down at him. Teek’s penetrating stare re-awakens in Walter a dormant power that he had first received from another ground squirrel when he was young—an enhanced perception of the natural world and the ability to communicate with creatures. Teek lives in the colony of RIMROCK, hidden in the cliffs of the canyon. The Illumination Stone, the most mysterious of all things, is situated in the center of the Great Hall of the colony village. It is central to their culture. At certain times of the year, the entire village gathers as the elder receives age-old stories from the Illumination Stone and recites them to the colony. But now the stone has been stolen, and RIMROCK has been exposed to an encroaching world of humans and predators. Colony culture is eroding, dividing families. Fear and distrust result. Teek organizes a search for the stone. As his adventure unfolds, he and his band of travelers uncover the canyon’s hidden secrets and learn to depend upon a community of creatures. Reunited with his granddaughter, Sofia, Walter Prudy introduces her to the squirrels of RIMROCK. She is awakened to the same abilities her grandfather possesses. As Walter’s and Sofia’s destinies merge with Teek’s, Sofia discovers and develops her own connection and love for the canyon and its creatures. Peter Sandel grew up inspired by natural places. From his experience fighting forest fires to more tranquil times hiking and fishing, his study of natural history included spending many a day observing the behavior of golden-mantled ground squirrels. RIMROCK The Illumination Stone is a novel written for humans of all ages but particularly for middle-grade readers.

26 julho
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