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This Book presents a comprehensive and exhaustive picture of the wonderful characters and noble qualities of Saints that make them so desired and honourable in the world, as well as the evil nature and the ignoble traits of Non-Saints that makes them so dishonourable and warns us to be wary of them. So while Saints bring joy and happiness and peace for all, Non-Saints bring pain and suffering for them.

More than acquainting us with the eclectic qualities and good virtues of Saints vis-à-vis the disgraceful qualities of Non-Saints so we can distinguishing between the two, this book serves one other exemplary objective—and it is to serve as a guide for us in our own lives by pointing out and inspiring us to cultivate these saintly and noble qualities while abhorring the opposite ones so that we can become good and noble human beings and honourable citizens, one who not only sets an example for others but is also remembered in history as a person who had lived a worthy life, a life that invited respect and honour.

For the purpose of studying the distinguishing characters of Saints vis-à-vis Non-Saints, we shall read from some of the well known spiritual texts such as Tulsidas' Ram Charit Manas, Vinai Patrika, Vairagya Sandipani and Dohawali, Veda Vyas' Adhyatma Ramayan, some selected Upanishads, and the Holy Bible.

The Sanskrit and Hindi scriptural Verses have been quoted in original in their Roman Transliteration version, which is followed by a detailed exposition in English and aided by explanatory notes. The unique feature of this Book is a study of the Holy Bible, New Testament, which gives the reader a holistic view of the subject.

Religião e espiritualidade
14 Setembro
Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia
Draft2Digital, LLC

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