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Two completely different people, who happen to be a mother and daughter, find answers to life’s challenges through their invented wor(l)d of schlopping. Sheryl and Yael have created a new concept, a new word, schlopping [schlep+love+shopping], defined as the ritual of schlepping with someone you love while shopping. Schlopping is written in an open and honest way, with compassion and humor, and makes the reader both laugh and cry at the same time. The authors take you on a riveting journey as they expose and share inner secrets and intimate moments of their relationship as mother and daughter that have never been revealed with one another before. Schlopping will make people think about shopping in a positive way and make you understand how an everyday activity, such as shopping, can be so simple, yet can be so powerful, and have such great impact on your lives. Each chapter sparks a different memory, elicits a different emotion, and focuses on a different relationship.

The goal of the book is to make people think of schlopping as a positive tool to deal with life. Schlopping makes readers think of their own schlopping experiences and invokes the need to pick up the phone and call their schlopping buddy. Schlopping opens the channels of communication, allows loved ones to spend time together, and shapes their view of the world and themselves. Sheryl and Yael deal with tensions and disagreements, reveal their secrets and fears, and provide the reader with the opportunity to gaze at oneself and others in the mirror. Schlopping with a loved one is what makes it unique, and the effect it has over the life span is what makes it important. This book is about life and relationships in every sense. You know you have gone schlopping when you arrive home covered with sweat from the schlep, a heart filled with love, and bags in your hands.

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18 abril
Sheryl Mendlinger
Smashwords, Inc.