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Evie Kendrick isn't your typical teenage Seraphim; in fact, nothing about the angels at Diahman Academy is typical. With the war in heaven fought and won, the gods have sent their guardians to earth with one mission: to protect the world from the fallen rebel angels. Evie knows she’s supposed to be thrilled to train and fight for liberty, but for the restless fifteen year-old, school feels more like a prison. She isn't allowed to be by herself and even has to stay after school for extra classes! When Evie asks why, the answer is always the same: it’s for her safety.

Evie has one thing to look forward to: turning sixteen and leaving Diahman to fight the fallen angels turned demons, the Deohum. But as her birthday nears, her best friend Evan starts acting like her bodyguard, her teachers freak out about every little thing she does or says - even her usually laid-back father jumps on the protective bandwagon!

Just when Evie’s life couldn't get any worse, her archenemy Tessie Delacrow, aka the worst person ever, is admitted to the academy, even though Tessie's only half-angel. And then, on the night before her birthday party, Evie stumbles upon a horrifying secret about herself, one that could cost her everything and everyone she's ever loved. That secret will put the fate of the world in Evie's hands and force her to make a choice: destroy, or renew.

Join Evie on her journey as she uncovers her heritage, navigates through new and unexpected romances, and fights inward and outward demons along the way in SERAPHYNX, the first installment of the FALLEN HOSTS trilogy.

14 junho
Emily Wilson
Smashwords, Inc.

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