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Discover how to harness the power of the spoken word to manifest your spiritual abilities, live the life you desire and attract absolute abundance to your life with this definitive guide to mantra meditation!

Are you displeased with the current trajectory of your life and are looking for the perfect way to "course-correct", but don't know how to do it? Are negative emotions and your old belief systems holding you back from becoming the very best version of yourself?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then mantra meditation is just what you need. 

Mantras are short phrases filled with energy and intention. When done right, they can promote healing, creativity, psychic insights and stimulate spiritual growth. In this guide, Adesh Silva shows you how mantras really work and how to use the ancient power of sound to bring lasting change in your life.

Among the life-transforming meditative scripts contained in Mantra Meditation, you're going to discover:

Everything you need to know about the seven chakras and mantra meditation to help you get started on the right foot

A basic, but effective guided meditation script to help you get started with mantra meditation, especially if you're a beginner

Advanced "Rainbow Lights" guided meditation technique to help you achieve a sense of inner peace and absolute well-being

Proven ways to combine yoga and guided meditation to create yoga-based meditations that are powerful and will help you get both your physical and spiritual aspect in balance

How to use the power of affirmations with guided meditation and become a better, more confident version of yourself

...and more!

Suitable and ideal for everyone interested in meditation, whether you're a complete novice to the world of mantra meditation or an experienced practitioner of meditation, this book is brimming with powerful meditative scripts that will help you achieve a colossal mental shift that will help you become better and manifest your hidden abilities.

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21 Abril
Adesh Silva
Draft2Digital, LLC

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