sHe: Rise of the New Breed sHe: Rise of the New Breed

sHe: Rise of the New Breed

Descrição da editora

‘sHe’ recounts an epic tale of an airborne biochemical attack that occurred, wherein its aftermath, the deadly genetically engineered Medusa Virus had left over 4 billion women alone to grief and defend for themselves on earth -- after the virus had wiped out the entire male species completely worldwide, with a fatal super-flu.

Those women, who were pregnant with the infected males’ semen of the contaminated virus, soon gave birth to a unique Third Species -- who were a new breed of genetically mutated-transgender males -- resulting the co-existence of the majority women with these androgynous male-boys -- who were then branded by them, as the inferior NEW BREED outcasts.

Many years later, the women-ruled, totalitarian government had taken some strict and stringent measures, by containing many of these ‘coming of age’ orphan boys, inside abandoned prisons -- so to secretly harvest their semen, for the future propagation of womankind.

This led to a particular group of shemale mutineers, creating an insurrection, which soon spearheaded a prison riot breakout. Next into these packs of new breeds, led by an Intersexual religious monk, who soon went to create a mass civil war -- against the dominatrix government, in the nationwide, post-Apocalyptic America -- to make claims of their own rights to co-exist, as THE NEW BREED species on earth.


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This science fiction thriller (sHe: Book 1) is written in 3 chronological time-lines of the Present, then in 2027 & 2033.


Interview with the Author

Q: What makes the ‘sHe’ series special?

A: It’s a mixture really when I set out to write and expand these books, based on my screenplay. I simply wanted to create something that mirrored books of the big named authors whom I like to read…

My top picks are usually science fiction thrillers that provoke my own wild imaginations, played by believable characters from the controversy classic tales written by George Orwell, Anthony Burgesse and even the earlier Stephen King’s storytelling vibes -- along with other disputation authors too, like John Green, Susan Kuklin, Bella Forrest, Margaret Atwood, Sean Platt and Craig Thompson. Basically, anything dark and deep, gritty and uncensored, with a butt-kicking attitude and fast-paced style should get my votes.

With that said, ‘sHe’ Book1: Rise of the New Breed has a great mixture of its scientific genres of a dark thriller happening during post-apocalyptic America, with a dystopian background.

It is a novel series of a trilogy, follows with ‘sHe Book 2: Battle of the New Breed -- where the story-telling will tie up nicely, as your mind goes deeper into this mysterious adventure trip, about genetic and gender war.

Q: So why should readers give these books a try?

A: The ‘sHe’ novels are fast and fun thriller reads that hooks and tales no prisoners! Ultimately, readers who enjoy lightning-fast pacing with unpredictable plot twists turns will be in this imaginative roller-coaster ride all the way to the end, getting a kick out of this original series.

Ficção científica e fantasia
5 de novembro
Normen J. Arule
Draft2Digital, LLC

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