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This book is designed to teach you everything you need to know to make your very own cables. We will touch on what equipment to purchase, how to stay safe while operating the equipment, and even demonstrate techniques and examples of how to make different types of cables. We will also teach you how to assess damages in the field, and how to get your lavaliers fixed faster, in less ideal situations. 

Soldering, in its easiest explanation, is the process of fusing two things together using a metal alloy, called solder. This metal alloy is a substance made from two or more metals.When you fuse two pieces of metal together, you create a solder joint. 

Very few tools are needed to actually perform the soldering process. However, there are a bunch of accessories that make the job easier when the job gets more technical. 

The soldering process is not a difficult task to learn, but it does take a little bit of time to master… 

Do NOT expect your cables to look amazing overnight – or for you to make a perfect cable the first time. However, don’t worry, with a little practice and the guidance of this course you will get up to speed as quickly as possible so you can focus on the audio rather than just the cable making! 

If you follow along with some of the basic tips, you will be on your way to saving money and making cables that are just as good as many you can buy. They may even be better, because they were not mass produced. Machines do not necessarily make better cables. They just make things fast and cheap. 

We are going to take you into the world of cable building and repair and show you what you need to buy, how to maintain your equipment, & how to be safe on set.

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