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Star Light Reflections, the final Volume 5 of the *Five Star Series* by Ted Denmark and Julie Loar, covers 2014-2015 in their ongoing "Telepresence Conferences with ETs and Celestial Guides," which began with The Star Table Trance Missions. There are adventures and revelations with more of Julie's wonderful color sketches of nearly all the regular participants, who have been with them in these "close encounters of the sixth kind" from the start.
The series began in 2010, and reports of UFO/UAP phenomena have only grown more extensive. Ted's Arcturian exo-family future-self Michael tells us, "The skies over Earth are very crowded right now." Hilarion, in his role as master of ceremonies with consort Athena, outlines the "Five Stars" in this final summing-up as Aldebaran, Alcyone, Sirius A, Arcturus, and Mizar (or Mirach), which are to be associated with their constellations Taurus, Pleiades, Canis Major, Boötees, and Andromeda. Cygnus-Lyra, the subtitled constellation for this Volume 5, is said to have been the most ancient contact a million years ago but did not actually result in hybridized human genomics. We are indeed drinking from a firehose of new knowledge here—awaiting its scientific paradigm shift.
Perhaps the highlight of this fifth volume occurs in TC 68 in which J&T attend a meeting of the Terran Council of Truth and Light, a group of very advanced adepts, The final session 70 delves into the situation of J&T and their matching double time-line future-self identities as Pleiadian couple Rhi and Phindar, which is seen as a quite rare and unusual exo-psychology experiment, indicating that these narratives will emerge among the essentially accurate accounts of what really happened during this time when ETs returned to Earth.

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