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Get off the diet-go-round. Get on with your life.®

A call to freedom from diets and dieting.

Create a life that you love and a body that feels like home to you.

It's not only weight loss you want. You want to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. You want to free yourself from food fear and obsession. You want to realize your full potential.

If you're exhausted with dieting, frustrated because of a never-ending war with food and exercise, demoralized by losing the weight only to gain it all back again, hopeless from giving up on yourself and quitting ... then you already know that fads and gimmicks don't work and another diet is not the answer you need.

Shelli Johnson has lost over 160 pounds naturally with no surgery, pills, disordered eating, expensive health products or interventions, or anything along those lines. She has maintained that weight loss for 9 years and counting.

Start Where You Are Weight Loss® Freedom Commandments was written from nearly a decade of experience of looking at weight loss and health differently. It will teach you some of the tools you need to create the long-term, sustainable results you want.

Start Where You Are Weight Loss® Freedom Commandments contains a sample of the principles found in the larger, main book, Start Where You Are Weight Loss® (print ISBN: 978-1-948103-81-7; ebook ISBN: 978-1-948103-09-1). More detailed instructions and guidance so you can eat what you want, lose weight, and keep it off can be found in that main book.


If you have ever ...
been afraid of foodfelt ashamed of your body's sizebeen on a diet or lots of diets that didn't work out for you in the endfelt trapped by eating guidelinesgiven up on trying to lose weight
know this ... you are not alone.

Start Where You Are Weight Loss® Freedom Commandments is a lifeline to others who are struggling with food, body image, weight issues, and/or eating disorders. It's for anyone who wants to make peace both with food and with themselves.

Imagine where you'll be—going after your own goals, hopes, and dreams, fulfilling yourself with what matters most to you—if you just jump off the diet-go-round and start moving in the direction you actually want to go.

The diet-go-round is when you jump from one diet (or food-abusing scenario) to the next to the next, hoping that this next one will finally be the answer. It rarely is.

Start Where You Are Weight Loss® Freedom Commandments is about getting off of the diet-go-round for good and moving forward in a straight trajectory toward what you most want for your life.

You will:
Recognize the ways your relationship with food has impacted your life.Transform your mindset around weight loss so you can eat what you want.Learn how to overcome obstacles that are holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off.Take action to create a body and a life that you love.Discover the secret to effective long-term weight loss.

At her heaviest, Shelli Johnson weighed 304 pounds and wore a size 26. Now, she weighs ~130 pounds and wears a size 2.

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