Style 6 Wise or Foolish...What is My Entertainment Style Mother's Guide

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"Now that her children are adults, Nancy’s passion for healthy mother-daughter relationships, the fertile soil from which godliness can grow, is directed to others. With her daughters she has written a curriculum designed to guide these lifelong family relationships. Her words and those of her girls open the doors of communication between mothers and daughters and helps build healthy open friendships, the desire of every mom" (Barbara Rainey, Ever Thine Home, Founder).

The Mother's Guide (guidance is provided if someone other than mom will be doing the study) is a companion to the Daughter's 4 Week Study and assists you as you take your 12-15 year old daughter through the lessons. In this style, we will be looking at her entertainment choices and how they can influence who she is becoming.

Week 1 we will talk about how media is filled with many attention getters that are influencing your daughter toward apathy, isolation, irresponsibility, and selfishness. Your daughter will be challenged to consider that she has the power to choose what goes into her mind and what she dwells on. She will learn that the Philippians 4:8 test provides a way to evaluate the message.

Week 2, Janaye’s (one of the authors) story sums up what your daughter will learn when she wrote, “Girls, let me encourage you to choose to do only those things that line up with your values…things that will build you up, and make you a better person rather than those things that can tear you down. And remember that even your entertainment choices represent who you are to the world. Will you be the girl who experiments with the things of the world to gain acceptance, praise, and popularity? Or will you be the girl who will stand by her values and refuse to compromise, even in your entertainment choices. Choose wisely! Make your choices considering your future and your reputation!”

Week 3 your daughter will focus on the choices she is making in regards to her media entertainment. Because her heart belongs to God, she will want to make sure that she is feeding her mind and spirit those things that will help her draw closer to Him and grow in Christian character. A great result of her strong relationship with God and strength of character is that she will have a positive influence in the lives of others. She has the power to choose what goes in her mind and what she will dwell on. God wants to be the number one influence in her life.

Week 4 suggests a date for mother and daughter to celebrate your relationship, share what you have learned and pray for one another. An action point to apply what was learned is identified.

This is the sixth style of nine styles that will help your daughter grow into the woman God desires her to be. Each style looks at a different area of her life, such as beauty, fashion, and friendships. She will learn life skills and values through studying these styles that will build character into her life and equip her to make a difference in her world.

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