Style 7 Manage or Waste It...What Is My Time Style Daughter's Study

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In this style, you will be looking at your time management and how important it is to know which opportunities to say yes to and which ones to say no to. We will discuss finding balance with your own desires and the expectations of others.

Week 1 we will discuss how you can be so busy with activities and things that your life can feel crowded with you having little time or energy for the things that really matter. And, the truth is you only have so much of yourself to give. We will talk about how taking on too many commitments and responsibilities can leave you feeling overwhelmed with the demands of everyone’s expectations pulling you in different directions. We will conclude the study understanding that managing your time wisely will help keep you on track for fulfilling your life’s purpose and will help keep you healthy—body, mind, and spirit.

Week 2, Nicole, one of the authors, will share how she was so busy with all her activities it began to rob her of energy necessary to be effective in what she valued most in life: quality time with the Lord, building memories with her family, serving her family, and doing well academically. You will learn that in order to manage your time wisely, you will need to have your priorities (those activities that are most important in your life, and that you give the most time and energy to) in the right order. You will spend time evaluating what your priorities are now… and determine what you would like your priorities to be.

Week 3 you will discuss that time is one of God’s gifts to you. However, you are only given so much of it. You will ask God to help you manage your time carefully and give you wisdom to choose to do the right things for the right reasons. You will be warned that everyone has limits. When you go beyond your limits, you can push yourself too hard, too fast, or too far which can cause you to experience harmful emotions. You will come to understand that it’s okay to say no, even to a good thing when it does not line up with your priorities and goals, or when your schedule is already full.

Week 4 suggests a date for mother and daughter to celebrate your relationship, share what you have learned and pray for one another. An action point to apply what was learned is identified.

This is the seventh style of nine styles that will help you grow into the woman God desires you to be. Each style looks at a different area of your life, such as beauty, fashion, and friendships. You will learn life skills and values through studying these styles that will build character into your life and equip you to make a difference in your world.

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19 de setembro
Nancy Butkowski
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