Style 8 Careful or Careless...What is My Spending Style Mother's Guide

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"Now that her children are adults, Nancy’s passion for healthy mother-daughter relationships, the fertile soil from which godliness can grow, is directed to others. With her daughters she has written a curriculum designed to guide these lifelong family relationships. Her words and those of her girls open the doors of communication between mothers and daughters and helps build healthy open friendships, the desire of every mom" (Barbara Rainey, Ever Thine Home, Founder).

The Mother's Guide (guidance is provided if someone other than mom will be doing the study) is a companion to the Daughter's 4 Week Study and assists you as you take your daughter (12-15 years old) through the lessons. In this style, we will be looking at your daughter’s spending style, identifying both her careful and careless attitudes towards money.
Week 1 we will consider that we live in a world where people of all ages are obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and with obtaining material wealth for social status. People are encouraged to buy things because they want them NOW, whether or not they can afford them. We will discuss how God wants your daughter to be careful on how she spends money. She will learn that the love of money can be a hindrance to her relationship with God, because God’s Word teaches that either God or money is first in her life. We will discuss the fact that contentment grows out of her relationship with the Lord.

Week 2 we will talk about how material things might make your daughter feel better temporarily, but it won’t last. Money can buy a lot of things, but it cannot buy the things she really wants and needs ... love and contentment. Sheryce, one of the authors, shares how her experience in Ethiopia changed her life. Those children had so little and were infested with medical needs, yet they were the happiest children she had ever encountered. She summarized how it impacted her this way, “Oh my, how I take all I have for granted and never think I have enough. I left Africa with a renewed sense of appreciation for all God has given me.”

Week 3 we will discuss that God owns everything—your daughter’s clothes, parents, friends, possessions, every living thing, and all of the world’s riches. She will learn that God will give her everything in the world that is good for her—that will help her to be and do all that He created her to be and do. At the same time, as she understands that God owns everything, she will also learn that she does not own anything. She is only a steward (or manager) of what God has given her. True contentment comes only from a right relationship with the Lord, the One who is able to forgive, redeem, heal, comfort, restore, and bless her beyond measure.

Week 4 suggests a date for mother and daughter to celebrate your relationship, share what you have learned and pray for one another. An action point to apply what was learned is identified.

This is the eighth style of nine styles that will help her grow into the woman God desires her to be. Each style looks at a different area of her life, such as beauty, fashion, and friendships. She will learn life skills and values through studying these styles that will build character into her life and equip you to make a difference in your world.

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