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When the Solar Flash jolted Earth and spawned storms, most panicked, but a few with jolted genomes spawned their own storms and seized their opportunity.

FINALIST (In 2 Categories): American Book Fest - Best Book Awards 2019

"...a compelling science fiction tale with post-apocalyptic undertones. There is a powerful sense of mystery—secrets hidden in ancient manuscripts and other worlds to explore. The Augur's View is exciting, featuring an imaginary setting that goes far beyond the world we know." ~ Readers' Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

Anunnaki/human hybrid, Eena, and Gavin are among those abandoned on the surface after the coronal mass ejection of 2034. They survive aircraft falling from skies, raging winds, and unrelenting electrical storms. Revulsion grips Eena when the new rulers offer her a rise in status by working in a lab to clone infants—the secret future work force.

ALL THE WHILE, those privy to ancient writings closely guard an even bigger secret—a game-changer.

When Eena discovers at last the portal to ancient Mu, she finds the giant augurs that fly there. Their help may be the last, best chance to achieve human sovereignty.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a compelling speculative/visionary tale, with post-apocalyptic elements, to bring the past full circle into the future, in this first book in the "New Earth Chronicles" series. [DRM-Free]

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1 Abril
Evolved Publishing LLC
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