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This book is required reading for anyone who shares their life with a Schnoodle!

The Complete Guide to Schnoodles will help you unlock the secrets to raising your lively, inquisitive puppy into a friendly, well-trained adult dog. Filled with valuable tips and tricks for training and socializing your new Schnoodle, this handbook will ensure that you stay one step ahead of your clever canine. Find out the answers to your most pressing questions, including:
Is a Schnoodle right for me?How do I prepare my home for a clever and active Schnoodle puppy?Which training methods do Schnoodles respond best to?How do I prevent or extinguish common problem behaviors?
Schnoodles were developed in the 1980s from Poodles and Schnauzers, both intelligent, spunky breeds. While Poodles are generally friendly, outgoing dogs, Schnauzers tend to be a little more wary and protective. Schnoodles tend to inherit a little of both attitudes, with most being both friendly and protective. Each parent breed is intelligent, active, and curious canines, so it is essential that they get enough physical and mental exercise to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Poodle and Schnauzer breeds both come in multiple sizes, each with their own personality quirks. Their offspring also come in a variety of sizes—from toy-sized to large—with the associated variation in temperament. Whether your particular Schnoodle inherits the curly coat of the Poodle or the straight, wiry coat of the Schnauzer, this dog is a good choice for allergy sufferers as both parent breeds are low-dander dogs. In this comprehensive manual, you will gain all the knowledge you need to guide your active Schnoodle from free-spirited pup to clever, well-mannered adult dog.

Whether you are looking for a family companion, a therapy dog, or a performance animal, a Schnoodle is likely to be a good fit. These smart, active dogs can thrive in just about any environment, as long as they get plenty of love and affection. If left home alone too often or for too long, these cheerful pooches may bark excessively, develop separation anxiety, or become withdrawn. This thorough guidebook will give you the tools you need to keep your dog happy and healthy, from his first day home to his final years. Discover valuable information about your new Schnoodle, including:
The history of the Schnauzer and the PoodleChoosing the right Schnoodle for your lifestyleSchnoodle sizes and temperamentsWhat to expect from a breeder or rescuePreparing your home for a precocious pupThe importance of play for your SchnoodleWhat to expect the first few weeks homeHouse-training tips for the Schnoodle dogSocialization and training techniques for your smart SchnoodleSelecting a daily diet for your canine companionGrooming your Schnoodle (with guidelines for both coat types)Keeping your Schnoodle mentally and physically challengedGenetic health concerns common to SchnoodlesCaring for your senior Schnoodle
The designer dog known as the Schnoodle has only been around for a few decades, but they have gained a loyal following due to their entertaining and endearing natures. Unfortunately, unscrupulous breeders may try and cash in on this popularity without carefully selecting the sire and dam for health and temperament. It is essential to do your research when choosing a Schnoodle breeder to ensure that your pup remains healthy and happy.

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