The Complete Poetical Works of Stephen Crane The Complete Poetical Works of Stephen Crane

The Complete Poetical Works of Stephen Crane

The Black Riders and Other Lines & War is Kind: 100+ Poems & Verses

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e-artnow presents to you this Stephen Crane poetry collection meticulously edited with a functional and detailed table of contents:

The Black Riders and Other Lines

Black riders came from the sea

Three little birds in a row

In the desert

Yes, I have a thousand tongues

Once there came a man

God fashioned the ship of the world carefully

Mystic shadow, bending near me

I looked here

I stood upon a high place

Should the wide world roll away

In a lonely place

And the sins of the fathers shall be

If there is a witness to my little life

There was a crimson clash of war

Tell brave deeds of war

Charity thou art a lie

There were many who went in huddled procession

In heaven

A god in wrath

A learned man came to me once

There was, before me

Once I saw mountains angry

Places among the stars

I saw a man pursuing the horizon

Behold, the grave of a wicked man

There was set before me a mighty hill

A youth in apparel that glittered

"Truth," said a traveller

Behold, from the land of the farther suns

Supposing that I should have the courage

Many workmen

Two or three angels

There was one I met upon the road

I stood upon a highway

A man saw a ball of gold in the sky

I met a seer

On the horizon the peaks assembled

The ocean said to me once

The livid lightnings flashed in the clouds

And you love me

Love walked alone

I walked in a desert

There came whisperings in the winds

I was in the darkness

Tradition, thou art for suckling children

Many red devils ran from my heart…

War is Kind:

Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind

What says the sea, little shell?

To the maiden

A little ink more or less!

Have you ever made a just man?

I explain the silvered passing of a ship at night

I have heard the sunset song of the birches

Fast rode the knight

Forth went the candid man

You tell me this is God?

On the desert

A newspaper is a collection of half-injustices

The wayfarer

A slant of sun on dull brown walls

Once a man clambering to the housetops

The successful man has thrust himself

In the Night

The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top…

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