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This book is for the innovation enthusiast, clinician, healthcare professional, and/or business healthcare investor. The narrative tracks the work of Dr Asrar Rashid, merging his knowledge of the clinical space with business training from London Business School and on-the-ground application to Dubai’s clinical arena. Written for those interested in the story of modern Dubai—lay audience and the healthcare professional alike.

 The book describes how Dubai is innovating in the healthcare space, educating tomorrow's doctors

- An example concerning the Dubai Future Accelerators and Dubai Foundation programs to advance Dubai by 10 years [ 10X ] and Dubai Science Park

- How government policies are linked to change

- A case study for innovation in government

- Constitutional reform leading to healthcare advancement

- Exciting new business models for modern clinics in Dubai

- An analysis of the Dubai Economy and it’s appetite for healthcare innovation

- Dubai’s development of the International Humanitarian City as a hub for charitable giving and global logistics

One cannot help but be awestruck as to what has been achieved at every level in modern Dubai. Dubai has attained an iconic standing amongst the capital cities of the world. Steps taken to achieve this position have been planned and purposeful. The process by which Dubai has been developed into an illustrious city of innovation has led to an improvement in life for the people of the region. Infrastructure planning has been deliberate and driven by forward thinking in order to complement a long-term vision, stabilising the foundation that is modern Dubai. Such advancement has been achieved without losing a sense of Dubai’s cultural heritage and identity. 

The current generation sees a modern Dubai that is so different from the Dubai of their forefathers. First, as an outside observer and now as a health practitioner who has experienced directly the provision of health-care, Dr Asrar describes the present position. From this, extrapolating into the future, one can definitely envisage a Dubai abound by opportunities, developing a truly world-class system of healthcare for the benefit of the UAE and more so, for the benefit of humanity itself.

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