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Luka, the hot and hunky hero of the Incubus series is back, but this time he's in for a series of firsts. He considers himself a "reverse vampire"--the bloodsuckers to him are just a type of parasite, but the sex fae give someone the ultimate orgasm in exchange for the tantric energy that nourishes them. Shapeshifters, they can assume the reality of what turns their partners on the most.

But he's just been summoned by a chubby Cub from the Bear Community who's looking for a big Daddy. What happens when Luka explores a much larger side of himself with a very happy cub?

(A paranormal adult tale from the Bear community. All characters are over 21.)


I rummaged through his mind, pulling up images of the men he found attractive.

None looked like me. That was a surprise. Even those who had a specific type were usually indoctrinated enough by the media to respond to movie-star good looks. Chad was into the hunky and chunky. Ah—he had actually saved me a lot of time by fantasizing the sort of man he’d order on-line. He was about to get what he wanted. This was a body I had never worn before. Back in South Beach I stripped off my clothes and grabbed a towel. I shifted and stared at myself in the mirror. My perfect six-pack was buried under firm fat. He’d get his wish to be the skinny one in the relationship. I pushed at the new flesh. No jiggles here. I poked and pulled at the lush new body hair.

My legs had turned to tree trunk size to support the three hundred pounds or so I was sporting. I turned sideways and examined the two large bumps in the back that balanced the big one in the front. My moobs were spherical and blended beneath my arm pits. I found myself a curious mixture of hard and soft. Speaking of which—I looked down and for the first time in my life was unable to see my cock. There was too much of me in the way.

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23 de agosto
Skye Eagleday
Draft2Digital, LLC

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