The Koran vs The Bible "There Isn't one Muslim who Doesn't Have a Demon Appointed to be his Constant Companion" Fight the Good Fight or Terrorize? No Salvation, No Holy Spirit, a Covenant With Demons

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This book is part of a series entitled "The Fall of Islam", which examines controversial issues connected with the religion from an informed rational point of view. Each part of the series is available as a low-cost e-book and the whole content can be bought together at a discount in our book Islamic Apocalypse. Also available is a multi-media edition called; Sorry! Islam is not a religion of peace and here's why in its own words, which includes a wealth of hyperlinks to news stories, official reports, videos and other interesting web-pages.

The Fall of Islam: Series List
00 The Fall of Islam; Series Overview - "torment is going to overtake the infidels... terrorize them ... make war on them... kill them until all religion is for Allah", The Hidden Dark Side Of Islam exposed in its own words

01 An Introduction to Islam & Sharia - "kill him who does it and him to whom it is done... Circumcision is obligatory... by cutting out the clitoris", includes Sharia vs Human Rights, an Article by Article comparison of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and relevant Sharia Laws

02 Islamic Beliefs - "men are in charge over women... as for those from whom you fear disobedience... beat them... for they are like domestic animals... " misogyny, sex-slavery, anti-semitism, tactical lying, terrorism and jihad

03 What was Mohammed really like? - "killing unbelievers is a small matter for us... The Messenger of Allah commanded that all of the Jewish men... should be beheaded... then the Prophet divided the wealth, wives, and children... " The disturbing truth about his life of violence, sex and spiritism

04 Prophet, true or false? - "Lo, Allah sendeth whom He will astray... Already We have urged into hell many... I, Muhammad, have fabricated things against God and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken." The Seal of the Prophet, Satanic Verses and a 500 million+ victim genocide

05 Is the Koran perfect and infallible? - "And the Earth... He made it flat... Allah hath created every animal of water... the setting place of the sun... in a muddy spring... until it takes permission to rise again" Would God really speak through incorrect facts, failures of reason and self-contradictions?

06 The Koran versus the Bible - "There is not one Muslim who does not have a demon appointed to be his constant companion... the demons listened... and they said what a wonderful Koran... " Fight the good fight or terrorize? no salvation, no Holy Spirit, and a covenant with demons.

07 Is Allah the same God? - "I will fill hell with demons and mankind... ye cannot escape Allah... Allah leads wrongdoers into error... it is He who is deceiving them... He is the fount of fear... " The Star and the Crescent, Who is Allah, God or Satan?

08 The Apocalypse and Islam - "the hour of resurrection will not be established unless you fight the Jews and kill them... We shall bring forth a Beast from the Earth because mankind had not faith in Our revelations" A World Caliphate, Satan's Throne, 666 Mark of the Beast, World War 3 and Armageddon

09 The End of Islam - "Truly my people have taken the Quran as foolish nonsense... a man will wake up a believer and be a k****r by nightfall... There will come a time... when there will remain nothing of Islam except its name... " A quest for the truth, How to kill the Beast? Can a tolerant society overcome intolerance?

10 Islamic Apocalypse – which contains all of the content of the above books

11 Sorry! But Islam is not a religion of peace, and here’s why in its own words – including hyperlinks to a wealth of news stories, official reports, videos and other interesting web-pages.

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