The Price of Fame Box Set

A World of Tease Box Set

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Binge all three Price of Fame books at once! The Price of Fame Box Set includes:


He’s a rocker. She’s a pop princess. 

She can’t stand him. He loathes her.

They want to rip each other’s clothes off.

When an opportunity to take a two week tour presents them with the chance to make both their dreams come true, Travis and Kristen immediately agree. Why not? It comes with fame, fortune, and friends with benefits.

But when their fame skyrockets, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Can they survive secret pasts, opportunistic exes, and greedy music labels? Or is this just a sexy, fun two week fling?


It all started with a cup of sugar.

Sweet, innocent sugar was all it took for Logan Phillips to slip into my life like he’d always been there. There’s only one problem: Logan is the sexy boy next door and I’m not who I say I am. 

Six years ago I gave up everything to save the people I loved. Since then I’ve protected my identity by keeping secrets and telling lies. I’m the last person Logan should be with.

I had no plans to let our relationship go past our chemistry in the bedroom, but the more I got to know Logan, the more I learned he wasn’t quite who he said he was, either.

In fact, he might be the only person who can help me end my exile and give me my life back. 


She's Hollywood royalty in hiding. He's a cowboy forced into vacation. A few hot nights in the tropics is just what the doctor ordered. No names. No consequences. Until Lily shows up to begin shooting her new movie...on Colt's ranch. 

It was right out of one of my movies:

Tropical island, sexy single man, two hot nights of nameless passion.

Except instead of it being the first chapter of happily ever after, we went our separate ways with a promise to return to the resort in one year. This time with our real names. 

But on my first day back at work the plan is thrown out the window. I don’t have a year to get my life together and come up with an explanation for my sexy cowboy. I have a few minutes. And based on the grouchy look on his face, he’s not too excited to find out his fling is not only standing in front of him, but a controversial celebrity ruining his quiet life. 

Was our chemistry only explosive in the heat of the tropics? Or can we somehow manage to hurdle the realities of our complicated worlds and find that elusive happily ever after?

*The Price of Fame is part of The World of Tease series

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