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"I'm a little afraid of you, or more importantly, of us. I don't think I can have a serious relationship with anyone right now. But, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't find you attractive."

Lacey Barnes is dumped at the altar by her fiancé, who takes another woman on what is supposed to be their honeymoon in the Caribbean. She returns to her hometown to escape the gossip her very public humiliation provokes. Secretly relieved the wedding hasn't taken place, all she wants is a quiet place to lick her wounds and get on with her life. When her first love shows up on the first day of her new job, it turns her world upside down. The attraction she still feels for Gage is undeniable, but the timing can't be any worse. Giving in to her feelings will make her vulnerable, and she's suffered enough rejection to last a lifetime. 

Gage Patterson is a catch, a wealthy real-estate developer who can have any woman he desires. He typically wants a good time for the night, nothing more or less. Gage has only given his heart away once, and ten years later, he will be reunited with the love of his life. Determined to win Lacey back, he agrees to a simple fling, no strings attached. But, what Gage wants and what he agrees to are two different things. Can he break through the barriers Lacey has erected around her heart, or will he lose her all over again?

So what happens when high school sweethearts are reunited? Everything. The Promise is a steamy second-chance romance with a host of unforgettable characters. This includes a wise aunt, a crazy family, and a love that refuses to die. And of course, a happy ever after you'll never forget. 

22 de julho
Sage Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC