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An Unexpected Guide to Understanding MEN and Fathers

"...groundbreaking..." (Forbes.com)

I challenge you to read this and not start rethinking what your father (and every man you know) is REALLY like.

** Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Award Winner**
"...Awesome... I really loved this book! (Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite)

An unexpected look at the quirks that prevent MEN and fathers from having better relationships with women and daughters... and how to overcome them in ways that enrich your life and relationships.

Is it possible the MEN in your life (starting with your own father) want a better relationship with you… but they just don’t know how?


Whether you realize it or not, the father-daughter relationship is at the heart of a woman's ability to be happy and confident.

But what if you missed something… so subtle and yet so profound, it will change your understanding of what MEN (and women) are really like?

In this 2nd edition of his highly provocative book, behaviorist James I. Bond provides "…an emotional glimpse into the complex relationship between fathers and their daughters… and the unexpected effects on women (and men)."

Through powerful excerpts from personal interviews with 101 REAL fathers, you get to eavesdrop on men (when no woman is in the room) talking about the most wonderful and complicated relationship in their life.

Sometimes wildly funny, sometimes profoundly sad, you will begin to understand yourself and others from a revealing and unexpected point-of-view.
“Surprisingly candid… terrifically rewarding...

...I was really moved by the joys and heartaches many of these dads were willing to share.”

– Steve Harrison, Publisher, Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR)

"Did I Misunderstand Who My Father REALLY Was…"

"[Reading this book] I learned things I would never have guessed about men. I felt recognized by some of their insights about what a daughter needs (a safe place, guidance, encouragement, love).

I didn't get much of that from my dad.

After reading the interviews in this book, I wonder if my dad wanted to be more involved, but didn't know how.

I think this should be required reading... for all dads of daughters, so they don't end up regretting what they missed, and so their daughters can look back later and say, "You were a loving, supportive dad!"

And daughters should read it too, so they know what makes their dad tick.”

- Maggie Dennison, Marketing Coach and Writer

"Deep Down, Was My Father SCARED of His Daughters…"

"This was a very interesting and sweet look into the minds of fathers who have daughters.

I never realized why my father did some of the things he did, and I probably criticized him more than I should have sometimes.

I had the perception that he didn't care, when he was really just scared and uncertain about how to deal with my sisters and me.

The revelation I got from reading this book has improved my relationship with my father (in surprising ways)...”

- Lauren Aja


This book unmasks certain myths about MEN (starting with your own father), including...

> FEAR: Deep down, are men actually afraid of women in ways previous generations may not have experienced...

and how can you break through to experience an even better relationship (with all the men in your life);

> SABOTAGE: What are the most common ways a man screws up his relationship with his daughter (and with women)...

and how can you squash it before it grows into a grand impediment to your relationship;

> EMOTIONS: How do men disguise their true emotions, especially when it comes to exposing vulnerability...

and what can you do to read through it, so you better connect with the men in your life;

...and more.

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James I. Bond
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