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This book contains Julius A. Dresser's summary of mental science and the ability to heal the sick with mental and spiritual power.

As the son of Horatio Dresser - an acquaintance and adherent of Phineas Quimby, the founder of the New Thought movement - Julius felt obliged to carry on his father's legacy by explaining the beliefs he held. Citing both ancient philosophy and religion, Julius begins by saying knowledge of mental healing is neither new nor novel: rather, it has practiced through history. 

Referring repeatedly to Christianity and Jesus Christ as an example of mental healing in action, Dresser aims to illustrate how P. P. Quimby rediscovered it. His experiences with tuberculosis, where conventional medicine in the form of camomile did more harm than good, are detailed. Quimby would later go on to assert that exciting, uplifting experiences such as riding a horse did far more for his tuberculosis than any other method. 

Popular in the early 20th century, the idea that the miracles of Jesus Christ could be demonstrably accomplished in the modern day fascinated many. P. P. Quimby and Horatio Dresser were popular for years; their core assertions were that, with enough mental training and discipline, people could heal themselves and others by force of spiritual strength. 

Today the legacy of the Quimby and the Dressers survives in the form of the New Thought movement which today claims many followers. However, the notion of mental healing and mental science as a viable method of curing has - for the most part - fallen out of favor.

Saúde, mente e corpo
16 Junho
Pantianos Thought
Maxime Jensens