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From the moment Emma found herself in hell her only solace has been the dark yet gentle vampire who’s stayed relentlessly by her side through all the pain and torture Alex has dealt. Now freed from their prison and still in transition after Val’s venomous bite, Emma must decide whether the very man who took her last breath is worth her re-entering hell to save. But is Emma right to free the monster from his cage and invite him into her life in the outside world? Or is there a darker side to Emma’s beautiful vampire that even his growing obsession for her can’t control. Follow along with book 4 in the Vampire’s slave series to find out.


A vampire doomed to live his life in a dark prison, Val has become used to the sick sadistic games his captors love to play. Time and time again he’s been forced to defile young virgins for his master’s entertainment and evil plans, but when a young beauty called Emma is thrust into Val’s world he finds himself unwilling to play his part in her torment.

Val is determined to protect Emma at all costs including making her submit to his will just to keep her alive. But will his innocent beauty accept what he has to do to keep her from harm or will every move that he makes drive her further away?

Emma is no stranger to sadness and isolation, but after she’s kidnapped and thrown in a dark prison with a near crazed vampire she learns the true meaning of feeling alone. Although she knows the monster lurking in the shadows doesn’t want to cause her pain, she also knows he has no choice but to comply with his captors will. No one is out to find her, no one’s going to notice she’s gone. Her only hope of getting out of the darkness alive is to trust the twisted stranger that shares her cell.

As the horror of her situation unfolds, Emma must decide whether to place her faith and her body in the hands of a monster from her darkest dreams or to give up and beg for death? Can Val keep her safe long enough for her to make her escape or will she be doomed to live as a vampire’s slave forever?

Warning: This book contains scenes of graphic submission, dark bondage, BDSM. If you are offended by darker lust themes then please do not read this book, however if you enjoy your smut on the edge of darkness then this book is definitely for you!

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Lily Anderson
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