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They came from the obscure lands of the North in their dragon ships to raid and conquer. Soon, peasants, monks, and kings alike learned to dread the sight of their colorful sails on the horizon. Like a bolt from the blue, the Vikings descended upon towns and monasteries, robbing and killing and enslaving whomever they came across.

The Vikings could hardly believe their luck when they kicked in the doors of churches and monasteries, and found them bursting with riches, strangely unguarded save for some monks and priests who didn’t even know how to fight with a weapon. These believers in Christ were no match for the followers of Odin and Thor.

But the history of the Vikings is not simply one of bloodshed. The Northmen were also farmers, craftsmen, and artisans who wished to live in peace and prosperity; merchants who sailed to market places in far-away lands; and explorers who dreamed of adventures and new land beyond the known world.

The World of the Vikings offers a unique introduction to the Viking Age. In seven concise chapters the reader is given insight into the culture and homelands of the Vikings, and is brought along on their journeys – trading down the Volga River and in the markets of Constantinople, raiding along the Frankish coastline, conquering in England and Ireland, and going on expeditions to the ends of the known world in Greenland and America.

This enhanced ebook features photos of Viking Age artefacts from the collections of the Swedish History Museum and the National Museum of Denmark, along with original artwork created specifically for this book, and many other images. Readers can explore interactive maps of trade routes and conquests, read excerpts from primary documents, and listen to the pronunciation of key words and concepts of Old Norse origin.

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Ithaka Publishing
Nichlas T R Jacobsen

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