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The Yoga of Wisdom or Gnani Yoga (Jnana yoga) is the path of attaining knowledge of the true nature of reality through the practice of meditation, self-inquiry, and contemplation. It can be defined as the “awareness of absolute consciousness,” and is a comprehensive practice of self-study (Svadhyaya). Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson) was an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. In this masterful study of Yoga, he explained the spiritual realization that not only liberated but transformed human nature, enabling a divine life on earth. The main objective of his teachings was to increase the level of consciousness of people and to aware people of their true selves. If you've done some yoga, then move along to Yogi Ramacharaka and see what you can learn from one of the most fascinating minds of the past hundred years. This book is plenty of very profound thought, and you will not leave this fantastic work without spiritual growth.

EXCERPT :“The Yogi Philosophy may be divided into several great branches, or fields. What is known as "Hatha Yoga" deals with the physical body and its control; its welfare; its health; its preservation; its laws, etc. What is known as "Raja Yoga" deals with the Mind; its control; its development; its unfoldment, etc. What is known as "Bhakti Yoga" deals with the Love of the Absolute—God. What is known as "Gnani Yoga" deals with the scientific and intellectual knowing of the great questions regarding Life and what lies back of Life—the Riddle of the Universe.
Each branch of Yoga is but a path leading toward the one end—unfoldment, development, and growth. He who wishes first to develop, control and strengthen his physical body so as to render it a fit instrument of the Higher Self, follows the path of "Hatha Yoga." He who would develop his will-power and mental faculties, unfolding the inner senses, and latent powers, follows the path of "Raja Yoga." He who wishes to develop by "knowing"—by studying the fundamental principles, and the wonderful truths underlying Life, follows the path of "Gnani Yoga." And he who wishes to grow into a union with the One Life by the influence of Love, he follows the path of "Bhakti Yoga."

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