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If you want something that does not exist it's probably because it has demand and a market!

Today we have thousands of businessmen who dream of doing one thing: INNOVATE! Innovation is the sacred chalice of business of success. However, how can we start? Do you know what to do or which direction you have to take to do something that will touch people's lives and change your market?

Gustavo Caetano learned to see small problems that needed immediate solution and how to change the course of your business to keep growing. What he wants the most is to see the reader innovate too.

Whoever reads this book will find that, contrary to what one thinks and says, innovating is SIMPLE. In this book, you will learn:

• How failure can shape the mentality for success?

• What makes the innovative DNA?

• What is the logic of simplicity to encourage innovation?

• The importance of being agile and keep yourself with high innovative potential.

• How not to believe the phrase "it has always been this way"

Learn the simple business method with Gustavo Caetano, who started in this field with one idea when he was only 19 years old. He built one of the most innovative companies from Brazil.

Gustavo Caetano is one of the brazilians most influential people on the internet, according to LinkedIn and GQ magazine. He studied innovation and creativity at MIT (Boston), Stanford (Palo Alto), university of Disney (Orlando) and Syngularity (NASA / California). His company, Samba Tech, is reference and was awarded in several countries. Caetano has already talked for companies like Algar, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, Bosch, Philips, TV Globo, Stafanini, Estácio, Fiat, Iveco, Visa, Shops Renner, Votorantim, Sicredi and Unimed, as well as international events on Nasdaq, MIT and SXSW in Texas.

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