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Will he ever be able to forget the woman who destroyed him twenty years ago…

Battalion Chief Brooke Cartwright loves her job at the Crystal City fire academy, her sons are happy and she has the Sisters of Fire to spend time with. A single mom after her husband died a year ago, she doesn’t need or want another man to fulfill her. But when Cord Remington, a former colleague from her past, turns up to help teach her classes, her world tilts off its axis.

Cord Remington is a hard man because he was deeply wounded by Brooke two decades ago. No more emotion for him! He concentrates on his business and never gets too involved with women. Sure, he’s a solo dad, but his devotion is reserved for his daughter. However, when he sees Brooke again, she threatens his hard-won reserve.

Then they start working together and white-hot attraction bursts between them. They try to suppress it, but they can’t. Are they fated to be together or can they stop heading down this very dangerous path?

In the end, Cord must take a second chance with Brooke or choose a life of loneliness for them both.

Grab a copy of TO TRUST AGAIN. As one reviewer wrote after reading, “An entertaining read that I was drawn to from the first chapter. I enjoyed this story line, it was fast paced, well written with characters whose story you cannot help but become invested in. It was also good to catch up with the other couples and learn what has been happening. A fitting way to end an entertaining series.” Ellen White, Goodreads Community

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