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In its own unique way, Tulsa, Oklahoma proudly stands shoulder to shoulder alongside some of America's largest cities when it comes to a broad influence on multiple genres of music.

But exactly what is the Tulsa Sound? And how have numerous people from that city in northeastern Oklahoma contributed to this rhythm of life that is known as music?

Elven Lindblad embarked on a journey to answer those questions. What was discovered along the way created not only the eBook Tulsa Sounds, but a heightened knowledge and appreciation for Tulsa's contributions to music around the world.

Don't be surprised if this detailed, yet entertaining, eBook does the same for you.

Drawing on his four decades of experience in research and writing, Lindblad tells not only the stories about people from Tulsa involved in the evolution of American music but presents fascinating facts and little-known tidbits about other places and events. Such as…

How a guitar-picking graduate of Tulsa's Central High School would become a musical mentor for international superstar Eric Clapton.

How a young man wailing on a saxophone became part of Tulsa's music scene prior to becoming part of the musical entourage of the Rolling Stones.

How a chance encounter on a street outside of a downtown hotel marked a turning point in the evolution of Bill Basie into jazz legend Count Basie.

How three brothers from Booker T. Washington High School became international stars with their infectious and danceable blend of funk music.

How a Will Rogers High School student, known back then as Hank, would use a different first name and become one of the most talented performers in flamenco music.

How an Oral Roberts University graduate became a highly-sought producer for superstars such as Maroon 5, Carrie Underwood and Beyonce while being the lead singer for another band.

How a diminutive cheerleader from Broken Arrow High School used her soaring soprano voice to become a Broadway star.

How a trio of musical brothers that once appeared on a Tulsa radio station became the backup band for the first recording session by country music icon Hank Williams.

How one of the biggest success stories in contemporary Christian music chose to make Tulsa his home instead of seeking the bright lights in bigger cities.

How the youngest boy in a family of 13 children born near Owasso was part of Buddy Holly's meteoric rise to greatness…and how a coin flip kept him from dying alongside Holly in a plane crash that changed the history of rock and roll.

How a legendary R&B singer took time after performing at a nightclub in predominantly black north Tulsa to visit with a teenage white girl who would later change the face of rock and roll.

Jazz icon Louis Armstrong once said "Music is life itself." Tulsa Sounds is a celebration of both.

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