Understanding Chakras: A Beginner's Guide To Awakening The Seven Spiritual Chakra Energy Portals for a Balanced, Healthy, and Happy Life‪!‬

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Understanding Chakras – The Seven Portals Guide To a Balanced, Healthy Life 
Gain a deeper insight into your mind, body and spirit by
uncovering the secrets of the seven Chakras. Find out what
they are, how they work and how you can tap into the power
to transform your life.

This book demystifies the ancient knowledge about how our
energetic bodies function in harmony with our physical
bodies, our minds and our spirits. Starting with an
investigation into the region where modern science and
mysticism coincide, you will be taken on a journey of
discovery into the inner world. 

In layman's terms each chakra is examined and explained, 
without all the New Age jargon, and you will be shown how all 
of this theory relates to practical, real life. 
Find out how to use this insight to
transform your way of thinking, your emotional balance, and
even your physical health.

Here's just a taste of what to expect:
*Learn about how energy, knowledge and power interact*Learn how to access deeper parts of your psyche*Understand the role and power of meditation*Learn the power of a balanced mind and emotions*Discover the meaningful details of each chakra*Discover what mystics and scientists can actually agree on*Find out how life energy circulates throughout the cosmos*Learn how to balance each chakra in sequence*Learn powerful visualization techniques*Discover the mental and emotional aspects of each portal*Learn how color and sound relate to each chakra*Learn to reconnect with your roots and your ultimate goals*Find out how to unblock energy for vitality and health*Learn why real change begins from within* Much, much more!
Knowledge of the chakras becomes a source of power – the
power to transform many aspects of our lives. Enlarge your
world-view and get in touch with your subtle, energetic core
by downloading and reading this book:, Understanding
Chakras – The Seven Portals Guide To a Balanced, Healthy

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9 de agosto
Broderick S Johnson
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