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In this transition period of "The Symbolic Code," while emerging from a humble mimeographed sheet to a standard monthly magazine, we feel that it would be appropriate to quote a few lines from the first issue showing how it started its first paragraph with a sincere request, saying: "Let us pray to the end that it will grow with mushroom speed; have the fabric of a palm tree; the grip of an octopus; be clear as crystal and glittering as transparent gold; moving 'as the appearance of a flash of lightning' (Ezek. 1:14); sweet as honey (Ezek. 3:3) to those who are searching for truth as for 'hidden treasure' (Matt. 13:44), and bitter as 'Wormwood' (Rev. 8:11) to those who seek 'to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season!' May God bless it that for the 'abundance of milk' it shall give may 'every one' who is 'left in the land' eat 'butter and honey' (Isa. 7:22), for so shall they be 'a great people, and a strong.' Saith the prophet, 'There hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it.' (Joel 2:2.)"

The merciful granting of our plea in the above prayer the readers of this monthly prophetic agent have doubtless recognized by the fact that its circulation as well as its size are each six times greater than at its beginning -- crowning it: with the governmental number of Revelation 12:1 -- and we would not neglect to mention that since its publishing quarters moved from Los Angeles to Mt. Carmel Center our subscription list has almost doubled, witnessing to the fact that the request of our prayer in the words, "That it will grow with mushroom speed," is being granted, whereas its firm stand against the attempts of the enemy to refute its contents of truth, to destroy its influence, and thereby its existence, prove that He Who is taking the reins in His own hand has in response to our request given it palm-like fabric, making it stand straight up as a palm tree, even against a most severe wind storm.

Religião e espiritualidade
26 abril
Victor T. Houteff
Lennox Sam

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