Water Fasting: Unlock the Secrets of Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Autophagy, and Ketosis with Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

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If you've always wanted to follow a fasting plan for weight loss or general health purposes but struggled to find a comprehensive, detailed, and easy-to-follow fasting guide, then keep reading...

Water fasting may seem like a novelty idea or a fad, but the simple truth is that it works. It helps cleanse out toxins and oxidative metabolites, all while increasing the rate at which your body burns fats.

Water fasting, keto diets and intermittent fasting, all achieve their effects through autophagy.

Fasting is a tried and tested phenomenon rooted in different cultures, employed all over the world.

This book strives to help you become more intuitive and understand the underlying mechanisms so you can lead yourself to a better future.

Most chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension are caused by damage over long periods. Fasting alleviates this damage and lets your body heal by itself.

Overall, your metabolism resets, hormonal imbalances are rectified, and chronic conditions like inflammation, hypertension, and insulin resistance are improved.

Other than all these benefits, most fasting diets are low carb, making it easier to shed excessive weight.

Water fasting, for both men and women, is a boon which improves mental clarity, immunity and overall well-being.

So, if you want to take the leap to becoming your healthiest self, this book offers you
A complete overview and guide to water fasting. Its phases, prep and how it achieves the desired effects.A guide to intermittent fasting for those looking to lose weight. With a diet guide on what you should eat to best achieve your goals, without beating yourself down.How to fast without skimping out on the occasional feast, and yet not repeating past habits.An explanation of the therapeutic effects of fasting. Anti-aging effects, weight loss, and ketosis.Alternate day and extended day fasting. What they are, their benefits and how to best achieve them.An overview of the supposed codes and secrets to fasting, with detailed debunking of myths.The disadvantages of fasting, when it is not suited, and if it will work for you.A guide to autophagy and ketosis, explaining how keto diets exploit low carb diets to burn more fats, and their anti-inflammatory effects.FAQs about fasting, with comprehensive answers.
In conclusion, if you have the desire to better yourself, lose weight and be in overall better shape, get this book and get to work!

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