Waves of Invisible Dawn

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Descrição da editora

Waves of Invisible Dawn it's a novel which puts in imaginary relation the discovery of intelligent life in space and the legendary origin of the Incas Empire. The plot holds the reader on the line of mistery for most of the book, among situations of alien life on remote planets, intriguing adventures in exotic locations on Earth and true daily life experiences, current and past. The psichological profiles of the characters are discovered progressively, with them developing and improving their mutual comprehension, giving hope of success to their persistent search, meanwhile offering a relief to their atavic loneliness through the perspective of an unpredictable communication.

The characters
Dario is an italian astronomer, since years following his biggest dream: find signs of intelligent life in space. He's offered a big opportunity to reach his goal, in a just very critical moment of his life. He realizes that sometimes things happen more by chance than by choice, and misteries get undiscovered going beyond his own limited orizon, opening the mind to new logics and letting himself be fascinated by yet unexplored cultures and disciplines.

Juan is a latin american antropologist and sociologist, obstinately searching the deep roots of the immense Incas Empire. The half-legendary explanations of the spanish conquerors never convinced him, and he has dedicated most of his life working on well and less known archeological sites, looking for the undiscoverable key which could justify the aggregation of the first nucleus of which would have later developed as the most extensive empire of South America.

Alma is an italian sociologist who is back in Italy since a few years, after many lived working in Peru. She's tired and unmotivated with her current job though, and has a strong desire to change. She's given the chance to go back where she enjoyed working and living, but at the same time she's afraid to get an unpleasant sense of deja-vous. By accepting the offer, she finds herself involved in a unforgettable adventure instead, personally and professionally, and to play a role with a great deal of responsibility, between intense memories of her past and unexpected options for her future.

Ficção científica e fantasia
22 de abril
Diego Minen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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