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Blake is a hot and horny werewolf who is great at keeping his Supernatural identity a secret. But he’s not nearly as good at hiding the fact he’s slept with his girlfriend’s best friend. Now Liz is after revenge via local legend: Stan the Man. It’s said Stan can turn a straight man gay. Liz doesn’t believe that but blackmailing Blake into the public humiliation of man on man action is good enough for her. What neither one knows is that Stan the Man has a special secret of his own that will change Blake’s life forever.

(This is an adults only story that features extensive and graphic sexual behavior between a bed-hopping horndog werewolf and a character with one of fiction’s largest packages. There’s a jealous girlfriend behind the scene manipulating dude-on-dude action, but she’s not prepared for the consequences.)


I hated my life. I hated agreeing to Liz's terms. But I have to admit I deserved this. I just couldn't keep my Little Blake in my pants when it came to the ladies. But Liz was the very best I've ever had and I just didn't want to let her go. When she came up with the idea of punishing me so we could move forward I agreed right away. I'm not a potential alpha. What can I say? I'm from a Pack where I respond to discipline and someone dominant. It's like my job description. Which is why I'm in a gay club wearing Liz's silk pink panties under my jeans. They actually felt good. Of course as a werewolf I almost always went commando. Silk panties were a really new experience on several levels.

I sniffed around once more, hoping there would be no Supes in the club to witness what Liz was putting me through. All I smelled were humans. I looked at Liz bringing over another round. She was wearing tight outfit that showed off her smoking hot body. Her hair was shiny from the reflection of the dance lights. A purple scarf fluttered around her beautiful neck. It was as if she was covered in sticky tape that caught every eye and dragged them along wherever she went. She was gorgeous. I had seen the framed cover of Liz on the front of a chick magazine. I was pounding a professional model.

I'm a werewolf. I'm possessive. It's a werewolf thing. It felt amazing to know everyone wanted Liz but she'd be going home with me. I might never be an alpha but I could sure as hell be more bad ass than any human male in the club. I smiled at her as she set another drink in front of me. She took a sip of hers. “Drink up, Blake. I'm about to enjoy some dancing.”

I started to get up but she put her little hand on my chest and pushed me back into my seat. “I said I was going to enjoy dancing. I didn't say It would be with you. You're here as punishment, remember?” Her eyes looked harsh and unforgiving. I responded as if she were my alpha and automatically lowered

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Skye Eagleday
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