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This edition is my second photographic journey into documenting the mystique of the American West illuminated in the architectural constructions of barns, silos and cabins. The intent is to capture the structures in various states of design, perspective and wear. Most buildings remain fully functioning and operational while others have become abandoned to the elements or remain in a state of collapse.

These structures are testaments of a slowly diminishing rural population whose lands are being steadily consolidated into larger operations. Technology and superior equipment innovations have enabled agriculture to remain lucrative on a large scale. The traditional family operated business model is becoming historic memories. Amidst these significant changes, the need for protective storage facilities has not slackened.

Many of the more vintage structures appear marooned as islands on the plains, inaccessible by roadways constructed after their creation. They rest statuesque on private land parcels impervious to the changes surrounding them.

Less than 15% of the American populace currently resides in rural designated zones. Yet the persistence and resiliency of rural America remains an important component of contemporary society. The pragmatic constructions displayed in this edition are scattered throughout Northern Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana. They represent a poetry and coexistence with the landscape.

The photographic work is intended to showcase a distinctively American western architecture that still commands a distinctive aesthetic. The poetic simplicity of each construction represents to the author a dignified metaphor personifying the human aging process, particularly as each structure blends harmoniously into the natural surroundings.

The isolation and expansive landscape of the American northwest provides an evocative comparison to contemporary confined urban and suburban environments. The continuity of these utilitarian structures remains timeless in spite of their gradual deterioration.

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28 de julho
Marques Vickers
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