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Are you a person who has some interest in magic? Have you heard or seen magic and wonder what the mystery is that surrounds this act?  Have you wondered if all you see has magical intonations?   Are you confused when you hear or see spells being used for various reasons or intentions? Do you have a craving to know more about this topic? This is the book you need.  Here is a book that gives an in depth explanation just enough for you to understand what Wicca spells is all about.  

One very important thing to know and always remember is that casting spells or the use of magic is not some form of game.  Dabbling into it without proper understanding of its use and purpose can be very dangerous to you and people around you.  Hence it is very important to know what a spell is all about, what the outcome is whether intended or not intended and how to get the intended outcome out of a cast spell. 

Spells don’t always come right.  There are spells and there are spells.  Some spells may not be what you need while some others may be dangerous to you and others as a whole.  Having a comprehensive understanding of the use of Wicca spells for your advantage and for positive health and balance will go a long way to enhance your life and living potentials. 

This book has been carefully put together to help you understand and learn:

- What Wicca is all about

- What magic is

- The different candle shapes, colours and their significance

- Some candle spells for health and balance in life

- How to break spells cast by you

- How to break spells and curses cast by others

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12 junho
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