Wicked Earls Return

Tammy Andresen e outros
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The Wicked Earls Return! Get all eleven stories in one amazing collection. Because what is better than a wicked earl?

Earl of Baxter When the Earl of Baxter nearly dies from battle wounds, he vows to find and protect the woman who saved him...

Earl of Tempest When a duke's daughter falls for a grumpy earl, all wagers are off!

Earl of Kendal The Earl of Kendal is a self-proclaimed bachelor with no interest in marriage. That is, until a secret is dangled over his head leading him on a wild chase after a runaway lady to marry her and salvage her reputation. Except that the lady in question has no desire to wed either!

Earl of Persuasion Lord Brian Kennington, Fifth Earl of Connlee, is a master at persuasion. When he crosses paths with the not too proper Lady Minerva Fox, he determines that she needs a bit of excitement in her life, and he knows just how to deliver. He will live up to his moniker, the Earl of Persuasion, as he sweeps her along a path of adventure and romance.
The only problem with his plan: Love was not a part of the equation.

Earl of Barrow He wasn't meant to inherit the earldom, and the first task awaiting the new Earl of Barrow is to clear his brother's name. To do so, he requires the help of the one person he'd hoped to never speak to again, Miss Heloise Hamilton.

Earl of Darling Is she making a deal with the devil or a saint in disguise?
They call him a murderer. All Miss Rathmore knows is he's the man who saved her while running away from her horrid fiancé. The least she can do is help Darling and his sisters adapt to good society. But that is merely an act of charity. And those stolen kisses? Those are sheer folly. For only a fool would fall for such a scandalous rogue...

Earl of Shefford Colin, Earl of Shefford, discovers an excellent location for a new club, only to find a fully functioning orphanage with a beautiful headmistress who refuses his offer to relocate. Piqued by her immunity to his charms, he brashly offers her a choice—either she accepts him in a marriage of convenience or provides proof that the orphanage has value—and she accepts!
Sparks fly as proximity forces them together—but can romance bloom when resentment has withered their hearts?

Earl of Alnwick She's a runaway bride. He's a fortune-hunting earl determined to claim the fat reward for her safe return. But will love claim him instead?

Earl of Morrey Letty knows three things about her new husband...he is a dangerous man, he frightens her...yet she desires him with all her heart.

Earl of Brecken Notorious for his seductive charm, the Earl of Brecken searches the ballrooms for a wealthy heiress. Guileless and gorgeous with an enormous dowry, Miss Evelina Franklin seems the answer to his prayers—until his conscience makes an unexpected appearance.

Earl of Keyworth Their aversion was instant and mutual. Or so it would seem…

Celestia Tolman will never forgive Landry, Earl of Keyworth, for trying to ruin her father's livelihood. She will, however, teach the arrogant lord a lesson he won't soon forget. The task should be simple—if she can ignore her untimely and entirely unwanted attraction to the handsome devil, that is…

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