Yoga Sutras: An Essential Guide to Understanding the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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If you want to understand your barriers to happiness, find your path to bliss, and prevent external factors from making it seem like you're weighed down, then keep reading...

Are you a yogi or yogini looking to deepen your yoga practice? Or are you a beginner at yoga and meditation, who's just touched on chakra knowledge, and you're looking to improve your health and find your purpose through the practice?

Or maybe you want to move past just using yoga as a form of exercise, to actually living based on the tenets of the practice?

While yoga is fantastic for increasing your flexibility, gaining strength, and tapping into your awareness, it's about so much more than that.

This book will show you how to practice yoga so you can deepen your spiritual connection and feel a deep sense of gratification, bliss, and joy, thanks to the wise philosophies of Patanjali.

From the first chapter, you'll be educated and inspired as you'll learn how to:

Find your center, so you don't feel trapped in certain circumstances and like you have no stability in others;

Become attuned to the subtle language of your body, because like it or not, your body communicates with you more often than you realize;

Improve your levels of concentration and silence the inner ramblings of your mind;

Observe and react objectively, guiding your perception towards that which is fair and trustworthy.

While this book presents a deep knowledge of yoga and its essential practices, it's also suitable for beginners. The book delves into chakras, mindfulness, the benefits of yoga, and sends you on a quest to find compassion, zen, and yoga in your every day life. Your quest is also about bringing back your acquired wisdom and knowledge and sharing it with others.

Continue reading, and you'll find an abundance of discoveries and information, like:
Learn the origins and miracle of yoga and the different schools of thought.Discover the kleshas that hold you back from your spiritual awakening and being your best self.Discover the amazing siddhis and superpowers that can be yours.Get a road map and training to acquiring gifts such as astral projection, teleportation, and rapid manifestation, without losing your soul.Use it as a guide to learn the best ways to make yoga work for you in these modern times.Use it as a light to discover the secrets to duality and non-duality that you can use to set your mind at ease.Find the dirty foundations of unhappiness and discontent and so that you can realize your true destiny and self.And much, much more!
Crafting a peaceful, happy life when you're in an unhappy headspace isn't possible. Some steps need to be taken to release good karma and work on your personal development so that you can achieve spiritual wisdom.

With this handy guidebook as your launchpad, you can find meaning in your life, achieve mastery and enlightenment, and reap the rewards of breaking free from the strong, persistent hold of the illusion that is everyday life.

You need not be a monk, and you need not have practiced for years to achieve Nirvana. All you need to get started is this book, and the rewards are yours as soon as you apply the principles.

Get this book now, and you'll have the keys to deepening your yoga practice like never before.

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Kimberly Moon
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